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Welcome, we present the brand that is revolutionizing the European and American streets

We present in Spain“PARTY BIKE” originary of Europe, the brand is introduced in Spain in the year 2011
manufacturing our own registered model and the first with CE homologation.

The reason which motivated us was the desire to change the way we do tourist routes, bachelor parties, parties, carnivals and any type of event, and turn all this into something original and unforgettable.

Today, our collaborators are all over the world, from Europe, Asia or America.

We have factories with the best experts in the manufacture of Paty Bikes in the world, and we distribute with the most competitive price in the different areas of the world,making Party Bike growing up and being and more accessible internationally.
We can give our customers the best product and service wherever they are.

We propose you to ride on this collective cycle with capacity for 18 people and enjoy a beer a tapa and the best music, while you pedal and lose calories,.

We are in the most famous places in Spain

Barcelona Valencia Alicante Ibiza Mallorca Málaga
Navarra Albacete Benidorm Asturias Madrid Gerona

International places:
Los Angeles (California) Long beach (California) Philadelphia (EU) Cancún (México), Guadalajara (México) Ensenada (México), Tessalonika (Grecia) Rodas (Grecia) Londres (Inglaterra)Rimini (Italia) Lisboa (Portugal) Marsella (Francia), Brademburg (Alemania) Dresden (Alemania) Curitiba (Brazil) Antigua (Guatemala) Bursan (Korea del sur)

Contact us and we will give you all the information.

From here you can book everywhere in Spain or we will put you in contact with our international partners.