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Party Bike

What is a Party Bike?

The Party Bike is a new way to meet people, visit the city or enjoy a good time with friends or family.

Beer bike Spain manufacture, develope and commercialize their own model, the most sold collective fourth-wheel cycle in the world.

The Party Bike has capacity for 19 persons (including the driver), with pedal traction of 10 of them and driven by an experienced and responsible driver who provides food and drink for the customers. (Only when the cycle is not moving).

Get involved in one of the most famous activities in the world!

We have customers around all the world, we have sold our Party Bikes around the world.

The last model: Party Bike 3.0

This new model of the year 2018 is one of the best in the world, it is designed with a system of patented gears, which make the human force multiply to maximize the performance of the cycle.

Party Bike Mesures

Total large: 5400 m mm/ 177,166 ft

Total high: 2600 mm/ 8530,185 ft

Saddle width: 1950 mm/ 6397,640 ft

Wheels width: 1500 mm/ 4921,27 ft

Distance between axes: 3250 mm/ 10662,75 ft

Width pillars: 700 mm/ 2296,61 ft

Large pillars: 2400 mm/ 7874,017 ft

Generator drawer: 64* 70

Weight: 545 Kg aprox

Request Technical Information

If you need technical information about the Party Bike you can request it accepting the points of commitment on the privacy of the documentation. You can see the online version of the document or download it by clicking the bottom.

Information of Advertising Spaces

Here you can check the mesures of the usable elements and advertising spaces on the bike.
You have the document also in PDF.