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Tips Party Bike

The following sections are already explained in the Instruction Manual

  1. Description of the features.
  2. Security.
  3. Inspection prior to the operation of the machine.
  4. Checking the functions.
  5. Instructions for use.

At the section 5.-Instructions for use, basic instructions are given for the proper maintenance of the vehicle, on each journey or as deemed convenient, of the following points:

  • Lights and indicators.
  • Regulation of the seats.
  • Tire pressure.
  • Status of brake pads and brake shoes
  • .
  • Warning signs.
  • Battery charge.
  • Grease the transmission gears.
  • Chains tension.
  • Check the tightening of the pinion.
  • Oil from the components of the steering.


  • To grease the gears is better the liquid grease, the teflon  or vegetable oils,  it is more difficult for dust to adhere than conventional grease.
  • Coat the axles of the transmission with oil to prevent the rusting.
  • Check the tightening of the fastening screws of the axes that are in the bearing bridges.
  • Check the tightening of all screews.
  • Park the bike under cover, otherwise the woods and the electrical installation (especially) will suffer a fast deterioration, being able to cause faults.