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Commitment of Privacy of Documentation

Terms of Privacy

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Mr / Mrs:
Domiciled in:
From now “the receiver”,
Before Bici Bar SL, domiciled in Xàtiva, CP 46800, Valencia, Baixada de l’estació, nº 8,
Owner of the patent and model of use of the product “Orange Bull”.
Accept the commitment on the privacy of the documentation, in the following terms:

  1. Bici Bar SL gives the documentation referring to the Technical File and other private documents to the receiver, with the unique purpose that can use it to present it, in the necessary cases, before the administration of the State whether national, autonomous or local.

  2. The receiver undertakes not to make any diferent use than that specified in the first clause to the private documentation that Bici Bar SL assigns, as well as not to make it public exposing it in any medium or send it or show it to third parties.

  3. The receiver agrees not to use this documentation for any use outside the scope of recreational cycles other than those of the Orange Bull, as well as not ceded to any company is of the field or sector that is.

  4. The receiver understands that he will only be authorized to use this documentation if it becomes part of Bici Bar SL franchise through the purchase of a machine.

  5. The receiver accepts that in no case he could carry out a business with similar characteristics or analogous to the object of Bici Bar SL, after having this private documentation.

This contract has a commercial nature, being governed by the provisions of the penal code.

Both parties expressly renounce their jurisdiction by submitting in case of dispute, in the courts of Xátiva in the province of Valencia.

Signature, stamp and ID of the recipient.