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Reasons to create a business with Party Bike.

Purchase Party Bike


If you want to buy a Party Bike, please contact us and we will inform you about operation of the Party Bike, prices, transport, available extras and the better way to customize it.

We will make a quotation for you based on the Party Bike that you desire, with the extras that you need on your cycle and all the expenses of transport included, without commitment of purchase.

We offer 2 years of warranty in all our products and the better quality-price ratio in the market of the Party Bike.

Party Bike

Customize your Party Bike 3.0!

Beer Boat

A new invent now it is ready to rent in Valencia beach and for sell it over the world!

Conference Bike

Cobi conference Bike are in great shape are are ready to go!

Reasons to create a business with Party Bike

If you want to be part of this project, contact us and we will give you all the details that you need.
With a minimal investment you can obtain high benefits quickly.
You don´t have fixed expenses as any other business would, work if you want when you want.
In the worst case that your business does not work or you decide that it is not what you were looking for… sell the Party Bike, this is the advantage of a business that is not fixed in one place.

Do you know an opportunity of business better than this?

What does a Party Bike include? Features

• Wheels 15″ • 10 seats with pedals.(12 seats at the sides) • Capacity for 18 persons + 1 driver TOTAL 19 persons. • Gears with Spanish patent technology. • Shimano plates. • Radio with usb and auxiliary input. • 2 250w speakers. • Battery that allows an autonomy of 8 hours. • Complete electrical system with automatic fuses. • Wiring inside the chassis. • Hydraulic braking system on all four wheels. Front disc and rear drum. • Position lights, and intermittent. • 550kg weight aprox. • Manufactured with iron and aluminum, wood and fiberglass. • Unrivaled quality-price ratio. • Manufactured according to the European model. • Fiber barrel, with very little weight. • CE homologation of the total device.

What can it include?? Extras