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We offer Historical Tours by day and Pub Crawls by night. Get your friends, family and co-workers together and see what Fredericksburg has to offer you .

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Party Bike basic rules and operating

Party Bike is a Cycle Rental activity that takes place on public roads, in contact with other users, therefore, it is very important that all our customers comply with the rules of use.

If you ride on a mechanic Beerbike you must remember that this cycle doesn´t have any engine. If you are on a seat with pedals and you don´t use them, you will harm all the people that are on the cycle. If most of the people doesn´t pedal, the cycle won´t move. You will be careful with the instructions of the driver about the intensify of pedal.

Do not get out of the seat while the vehicle is running:

If you want to change your seat you must notice it to the guide. Even if the vehicle is traveling very slowly, you must help us maintain the order of the passengers.

Be respectful with road users and employees:

Party Bike gives priority to other users of the public road. Therefore we will give priority to pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles stopping the cycle if it is necessary. Please respects the rest of pedestrians. Don´t shout or bother them. Don´t make obscene gestures or use inappropiate vocabulary adressing them. The team of Usapartybike (driver and guide) are employees at your service, be respectful with them and their job and enjoy the ride.

Don´t throw trash on the ground:

Please mantein clean the city. The cycle has bins on board. You can ask for help to the guide. Our cycle is equiped with can compactor, liquids deposit and litter bins. We care about being a respectful activity. Cleaning is everyone’s business.

Do not leave the vehicle with alcoholic beverages:

The government of Spain does not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the public road. You can not take out of the cycle any type of alcoholic beverage at any point of the route, including breaks. So, finish your drink in the vehicle before going down and leave the glass in the place enabled for it. Usapartybike is not responsible for your actions.

Be punctual:

Party Bike is contracted by trips, so when the trip finish you have to live the cycle.
In normal conditions, the trip takes from 45 minutes to 2:30 in some cases. If you delay and we have to begin the trip later than the agreed start hour, the trip will be affected, shortening proportionally.
In no case the time contracted corresponds with the time of the activity, it corresponds with the time from which it is contracted.
It will not be allowed to occupy the cycle beyond the contracted trip.