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Party Bike

Operating Rules


If you ride on a mechanic Beerbike you must remember that this cycle doesn´t have any engine. If you are on a seat with pedals and you don´t use them, you will harm all the people that are on the cycle. If most of the people doesn´t pedal, the cycle won´t move. You will be careful with the instructions of the driver about the intensify of pedal.

Do not get out of the seat while the vehicle is running:

If you want to change your seat you must notice it to the guide. Even if the vehicle is traveling very slowly, you must help us maintain the order of the passengers.

Be respectful with road users and employees:

Usapartybike gives priority to other users of the public road. Therefore we will give priority to pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles stopping the cycle if it is necessary. Please respects the rest of pedestrians. Don´t shout or bother them. Don´t make obscene gestures or use inappropiate vocabulary adressing them. The team of Usapartybike (driver and guide) are employees at your service, be respectful with them and their job and enjoy the ride.

Don´t throw trash on the ground:

Please mantein clean the city. The cycle has bins on board. You can ask for help to the guide. Our cycle is equiped with can compactor, liquids deposit and litter bins. We care about being a respectful activity. Cleaning is everyone’s business.

Do not leave the vehicle with alcoholic beverages:

The government of Spain does not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the public road. You can not take out of the cycle any type of alcoholic beverage at any point of the route, including breaks. So, finish your drink in the vehicle before going down and leave the glass in the place enabled for it. Usapartybike is not responsible for your actions.

Be punctual:

Usapartybike is contracted by trips, so when the trip finish you have to live the cycle.
In normal conditions, the trip takes from 45 minutes to 2:30 in some cases. If you delay and we have to begin the trip later than the agreed start hour, the trip will be affected, shortening proportionally.
In no case the time contracted corresponds with the time of the activity, it corresponds with the time from which it is contracted.
It will not be allowed to occupy the cycle beyond the contracted trip.

Normas básicas y de funcionamiento de Beer Bike / Bici Bar

Bicibar es una actividad de alquiler de ciclos que se realiza en la vía pública, en contacto con el resto de usuarios, por tanto, es muy importante que todos nuestros clientes cumplan las normas de uso.

El ticket es en concepto de alquiler del asiento para hacer un tour, Bicibar gestiona a sus clientes la adquisición de bebidas y comida en ciertos casos, pero no los vende. Por lo tanto Bicibar no vende bebidas ni comida bajo ninguna circunstancia.

El pago de un ticket incluye su total aceptación. El incumplimiento de estas normas supondrá el ejercicio del Derecho de Admisión por parte de Bicibar e invitaremos a las personas que no las cumplan a abandonar el vehículo sin ningún derecho a la devolución del importe.

El Bicibar se opera con un conductor. El conductor dirige el vehículo gracias al movimiento de los pedales y se encarga de determinar el lugar y ritmo de la marcha. Bajo ningún concepto se debe molestar de ninguna manera al conductor, ni siquiera hablar con el durante la marcha ya que en caso contrario podria resultar peligroso.

El contratante se responsabiliza del grupo. El contratante se responsabiliza de hacer saber o facilitar estas normas al resto del grupo.

I accept the conditions

Bike Rules Bar – Request Budget: To formalize the reservation must pay 30% of the total.


1. The service offered by Bici Bar S.L., with its cycle "Orange Bull" is to offer it for rent to anyone interested. This rent supposes:
  • The use of the Orange Bull cycle is rented. & Nbsp; The cycle’s traction is human, it does not have any traction motor.
  • It is rented to a group of, at most, 18 determined persons, thus excluding the rise of third parties, both unknown and known to the contracting parties.
  • These 18 people are those who will enter as beneficiaries of the insurance.
  • One of the people in the group will be responsible for the group before Bici bar S.L. and sign the rental contract on behalf of and with the consent of the rest of the clients, affirming this with their signature that they have the consent of the rest and that each and every one of the participants they represent are aware of these rules of Bici bar S.L .
  • The rental time will be agreed between Bici bar S.L. and the landlord. In any case, it will be understood that the rent is for a continuous time. The usual will be 3 hours in a row. These three hours can not be divided to have the cycle in two or more different times of the day.
  • If the route you want to carry out has some habitual restriction or because it is a holiday, (tours of historic areas with restricted passage, bollards, …) will be borne by the lessor to obtain the necessary permits to be able to circulate. Therefore Bici Bar S.L is not responsible for this type of situation and will not return 30% of the total contracted to its customers.
  • The tour will start and end in the same place. In any case, the lessors undertake to accompany the driver in a vehicle to the place where the van and platform are.
2. Bike Bar S.L. offers:
  • A cycle with all the necessary documentation: technical file of construction; technical report; EC type-approval; declaration of conformity.
  • The cycle has room for 18 people. From 8 of the seats you can pedal.
  • A driver, who will be the only person authorized to drive it and who, at the same time, will be the representative of the company during the event.
  • A civil liability insurance that includes damages to third parties or to the clients themselves, as long as it is not due to inappropriate behavior and previously warned by the company, and in no case covers people under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • The transport of the cycle to the place where the event begins.
  • The use and enjoyment of the Orange Bull during the contracted time.
3. Procedures
  • When a possible landlord comes in contact with Bici bar S.L., he will be offered all the necessary information so that he can make the decision to rent the cycle.
  • The day and time set by the landlord will be considered reserved at the moment in which he enters the account of Bici bar S.L. 30% of the total amount agreed.
  • The rest of the rent will be paid to the driver before starting the activity.
  • Before the agreed day Bici bar S.L. The rental agreement will be sent to the lessor, who must sign it before starting the activity.
  • Bicibar S.L. reserves the right not to offer services contracted for private reasons or force majeure, returning the total amount paid by the client.
  • Early cancellation of the contract by the landlord will have a penalty of 30% of the total stipulated.
  • Before starting the activity, the landlord and representative of the group will present the DNI to the driver, who will take a photograph.
4. Conduct
  • Each person who has contracted the service is responsible for maintaining an appropriate civic behavior.
  • Any abuse of the cycle is prohibited.
  • The sale or use of narcotic substances is prohibited, in which case the company, through its driver, reserves the right to expel the non-compliant person and, if necessary, cancel the contract with the group in the act, and inform to the relevant authorities.
  • It is forbidden to change seat or get off while the device is running and the driver does not expressly consent.
  • Bici Bar S.L is not responsible for the crimes that your clients may commit.
  • Bici Bar S.L does not sell or supply any kind of drink or food, it is the client totally responsible for its consumption and acquisition.
  • At any time that the client does not comply with all or part of the contract, the client acknowledges the right to Bici Bar S.L to cancel it completely without returning the rental amount.
5. The two parties expressly waive their jurisdiction and agree to submit in case of dispute in the courts of Xativa in the province of Valencia.


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